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This phrase summarizes a vital time for the brand where self-reflection intersects with the vital need for re-invention and lifelong learning, thus opening a unique phase of inspiration and passion.

A new vision that we expect is reflected in each garment, image and message of this IMILOA that is more TRUTH, FREEDOM AND LOVE than ever.

The best of the past adds to a diverse team of people and professionals that embody the energy of the present to build a future that so far looks thrilling. In addition to sharing a common iconography full of similar aesthetic references, we are brought together by our passion for life lived freely and expressed with passion and love for beauty in all its manifestations.

IMILOA is not only a brand of fashion, but also of LIFESTYLE, citizen of the world, that knows no borders of any kind and that only helds high the flag of freedom. Therefore, LIBERTÉ is the name we have chosen for the collection that marks this exciting re-thinking moment and that, as any revolution, has taken place in Paris, with the city of light as one of its main characters.


More than a fashion brand, IMILOA is the compilation of our passions, the mantras that inspire us, the people we love, the trips that expand our horizons and the landscapes that always excite us. This is why we like to define ourselves as a lifestyle brand, because we are inspiration, we are love for life lived with freedom and passion.

From each new trip we bring back an accelerated collage of images of that city that end up becoming a source of inspiration and creative material for a new collection. A love song for the cities that inspire us.

IMILOA is a project that was born out of the passion of an entrepreneur and creative who is many things but, above all, is a #BELIEVER; Someone that not only has a vision, but who also believes in it to the point of pushing it towards the future until it becomes real.

Following a first stage of creation and start of the project, there was a breaking point where, in order to get momentum, he first wanted to re-think the brand from the essence going back to the roots: PASSION.


IMILOA is a Hawaian word that refers to the constant need to explore new knowledge, destinations and experiences that in our case are always linked to the world of creativity:

Art, photography, music etc…; a concept that, from the beginning of this adventure, fitted our way of living and vibrating. Along these years, this need for discovery has made us continue to grow and develop the brand as what it always has been: A LIFESTYLE concept that brings together everything that inspires us, starting with FASHION.

All our collections are created for people of free spirit that do not follow trends and look for versatile garments that will accompany them along the way.

We are inspired by PASSIONS and those who have followed their passions, focusing on what they love.